Each year schools are required to inform parents about the certification status of classroom teachers.  These NES teachers currently teaching out of field:

  • Mrs. Rebekka Miller (3rd grade) -certified in ESE K-12;
  • Mrs. Elaine Keller (4th grade) - certified in PreK/Primary Ed (ages 3-Grade 3) and in ESOL;
  • Mrs. Leah Suarez (4th grade) - certified in Speech (grades 6-12);
  • Mrs. Erin Hales (gifted) - certified in PreK/Primary Ed (ages 3-Grade3), endorsed in Reading and ESOL;
  • Mrs. Patti Leach, our Guidance Counselor—certified in Elementary Education (grades 1-6) and ESOL.

   These teachers are currently Out of Field and working toward their endorsement in ESOL:

  • Morgan Murphy
  • Andrea Huff
  • Rebekka Miller
  • Shanique Lovett
  • Leah Suarez
  • Jacqueline Williams-Boyett.

   We currently one substitute teachers serving as classroom teacher:

  • Mrs. Cynthia Brinson (4th grade).

   All other teachers at NES are in–field and highly qualified. If you have any questions regarding these qualifications, please contact Mrs. Robinson at  (863)462-5100 or robinsont@okee.k12.fl.us.

Thank you!