Dear NES families,

All Okeechobee County Schools will be open to students on Friday, September 15. Below is an important messages about students' return from our Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Pat McCoy:

Parents or Guardians, 

Thank you for your patience during Hurricane Irma.  It is our belief that when schools get back in session it is a sign that our community is returning to normal.  Now that all of our schools have power, we are able to reopen.  Students will report to school on Friday, September 15.
Our buses will try and run their regular routes.  However, downed trees, power-lines and water may prevent them from traveling down certain roads.  If one of these conditions exist between your home and the bus stop, we understand if you want to keep your child at home and we will excuse the absence.  If you have evacuated out of town or have any other type of family emergency associated with the storm and your child is unable to attend school, his/her absence will be excused. 
Some schools currently do not have phone service and we are hoping that will improve.  Please make definite plans for how your child will get home and  send a note in the child's agenda if you have different plans.  In the event the phones are not working by Friday, we will still have school and will receive emergency calls through the county office at 863-462-5000.   
We will be flexible when it comes to absences given that everyone's personal circumstances may vary.  We believe it is important that students are back in school to receive a hot meal, be in the air conditioning, allow parents to get back to work and continue with learning. Obviously, we will need to modify the student calendar going forward .  It is too early to make those decisions, without knowing if the Department of Education will waive some days.  We will develop a plan over the next week for make-up days. Please know that the make-up plan will include using the hurricane days scheduled at Thanksgiving.
Even though there was damage,   our community was spared from the most severe impact of Irma and for that we are truly grateful.  We look forward to seeing every child safely back at school on Friday!
Thank you!
* The phones at NES are currently down. Please call the district office with items needing immediate attention. In an event that the phones are still down on Friday, please mark in your studnets' agenda if you have made special arrangements for them to get home or if you have a message to the teacher.